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Published on August 4th 2021

10 Easy Lunch Recipes

Food is fuel and what we put into our body matters. But sometimes we’re short on time to cook. That’s why we’ve gathered 10 easy lunch recipes for you!

Published on June 4th 2021

Essential Kitchen Tools Every Beginner Cook Needs

Learning how to cook and overwhelmed by the amount of kitchen tools available? Stop stressing. These are the essential kitchen tools you need to get started.

Published on June 3rd 2021

4 Benefits of Eating a Plant-Based Diet

It’s no secret that plant based or vegan diets are becoming more and more popular. Dairy milk alternatives, such as Oatly and non-meat meats, such as Beyond Meat have all but taken over. Eating a plant-based diet comes with many pros, including environmentally friendly ones too. So what exactly are the benefits of eating a… Continue reading 4 Benefits of Eating a Plant-Based Diet

Published on May 24th 2021

What is Smart Cooking?

Smart cooking is your way to less stress in the kitchen and more enjoyable home-cooked meals. So what exactly is smart cooking? Let’s find out.

Published on May 24th 2021