About Cheffe

When hunger comes and our stomachs are grumbling, we find ourselves surrounded by endless options of food to eat.

From food delivery to meal kits and even microwave dinners to juice cleanses, it seems that getting dinner to the table is truly as easy as pie. However, most of us are missing out on one pertinent eating experience: a good ol’ homecooked meal.

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The Idea

Nothing is more satisfying than having a freshly cooked dinner on the table for just you, you and your friends, or you and your family. Home cooked meals also come with many pros. For instance, everytime you cook your own food, you’re brushing up on a useful life skill. In addition, by making food at home, you can guarantee that all the ingredients used are fresh, healthy, and sensitive to any dietary restrictions or allergies.

But, home cooked meals are not always the fastest nor the easiest way to eat. Maybe you’re working all day and you have no energy left to sort out a recipe, prep all the ingredients, and heat up that stove. Our team has definitely been there.

We thought, there must be an easier and more fun way to cook. Cooking at home shouldn’t have to be hard, especially when you’re dealing with 2 or more recipes. Recipes should be simple to follow. Yet, we keep tripping up and making mistakes in the kitchen with traditional recipes. With the technology that we have today, there has to be a better way to enjoy more home cooked meals.

That’s why we built Cheffe, the smart cooking app.

Smart Cooking

Cheffe breaks down even the most complicated recipes and puts them in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. This is what we call smart recipes.

Cheffe will guide you through every recipe, ensuring that not a single step is missed so that you are guaranteed to have a delicious meal in front of you by the end of it. Say goodbye to the days of scrolling up and down to find out how much of each ingredient you need for each step. As part of our guided recipes, ingredient amounts are given with the corresponding instruction. Now that’s a much more intuitive way to cook.

Our guided recipes are also dynamic. Cheffe times how long each step will take and dynamically changes your cooking ETA as you go. You’ll always know exactly when your meal will be ready to plate. Need a cooking timer? We’ve got you covered there too. Cheffe has a built-in cooking timer that pops up when you reach the step that requires it in the recipe.

Now this is where things get smart. Traditional recipes don’t account for optimization of time in the kitchen. While things boil or bake, you’re usually sitting around waiting. What if you no longer have to? Cheffe’s AI automatically rearranges recipes to fill in those blocks of time with other cooking tasks you can be doing. You’ll have dinner on the table faster than ever.

Cooking more than 1 recipe? No matter how many recipes you need to cook tonight, combine them all into a single set of instructions with Cheffe. Cheffe’s AI finds the fastest and easiest way you can cook all of them and ensures every dish comes out at the same time.

This is smart cooking.

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Our Community

In many cultures around the world, cooking and food are more than sustenance. They are a way of connecting with our family, with our community.

The Cheffe community consists of creative, innovative, and explorative foodies. Our recipes come from recipe makers, bloggers, and restaurants from around the world. We cover a wide variety of cuisine. From Japanese to Mediterranean, you’ll find a recipe, or 2, that makes your taste buds holler for more.

Are you a recipe maker, food blogger, or restaurant owner? Join the Cheffe community today!

The Team

We’re based mainly in New York City, New York complemented by a distributed team that’s spread across the globe. Our team works remotely to bring smart cooking to the world.

Apart from being located in various countries, the Cheffe team is also from many different cultures and backgrounds. We are proud of our diversity and together, we come to the table to share more than professional ideas. Our international experience gives us special insight into how food can spark authentic conversation, bring people together, and speak multitudes without saying a word.

A home cooked meal never fails to invite friends, family, partners, coworkers, and even strangers to take pause, to appreciate, and to learn. During a shared meal, you get to immerse yourself in a cuisine’s culture, if only for an hour. Enjoy it.

Regardless of where we are, we at Cheffe share a love for one thing. And that’s food!

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