Cooking made easy.

Cheffe breaks down even the most complicated recipes and makes them easy to follow with step-by-step instructions.

Save time, stress less, and do away with common cooking mistakes. This is smart cooking.

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Cheffe iOS app, timeline view

Smart Recipes, Powered By AI

Get dinner on the table faster than ever with our guided recipes. Cheffe’s AI finds the quickest and simplest way for you to cook each recipe, so you’ll always be cooking smart.

Nutritious Ingredients and Curated Recipes

Our recipes are created by chefs, recipe makers, and food bloggers from around the world and vetted by our team. We handpick only the most nutritious and delicious recipes for you because food is fuel.

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Vegan and vegetarian recipes in Cheffe

Global Cuisines and Diets

Cheffe features a variety of global cuisines. From Italian to Japanese, you’ll find a recipe that is sure to satisfy. Vegan or vegetarian? We’ve got you there. We have over 100 vegan and vegetarian recipes that even the biggest meat-lover won’t be able to resist.

Build an entire meal.

That steak recipe is delicious, but it’s not a whole meal.

Cheffe lets you cook multiple recipes together, so you can add some mashed potatoes and shishito peppers to your meal. And everything comes out at the same time.

Easier than recipes.

Traditional recipes are static, hard-to-follow and unforgiving.

With Cheffe, you'll never forget that the onions need to be minced, and you'll always know what to do next. No more losing your place, or scrolling back up for how many tbsp of cornstarch.

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